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Volunteers are a Blessing!

Getting ready for the 3rd Annual Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. Larry & Jean Coffman, Ron & Suzanne Challacombe, Andy & Barbara Saldivar, Ron Lutz, Scott McBurney, Bob Taylor, and Don Schultz, Mayor of Overbrook, KS were the board members and volunteers who came to spruce up the grounds in August 2015. Many who volunteer, find great peace in doing this type of work for the Lord.

Creating the Memorial Ground

Once the property was donated, it had to be cleared of 600 tires, tons of debris. and an overgrowth of brush. The site was landscaped for the Wall. Sidewalks, lighting and decorative fencing were added.

September 13, 2014 2nd Annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Nancy Warren, Board Member, Coordinated the Service. Andy and Barbara Saldivar assisted along with the rest of the officers and board members. Special speakers and musicians were invited from several different denominations to worship and pray for mothers, victims, families, and our society. Those denominations included Assembly of God, Baptist, Catholic, Non-Denominational Christian, Mennonite, Non-Denominational Community, and a house church.

Ron Kelsey brought a word from the Archbishop. Dusty Workman sang “In His Time”. A young artist played “Amazing Grace on the violin. We always feel God’s Presence at the memorial services.

Where is the Memorial?

Heart of America Memorial Wall
for the Unborn

1216 SE Republican Ave
Topeka, KS